Below is a guide to becoming a member of the club. And how do you apply to become a member of your club? You can activate your membership by following these simple steps and accessing the online Sams Club credit card customer portal.Sams-Club-Credit-Card

Register As A Member Of Sam’s Club And Create An Account

The two required bands are:

First tape: Becoming a member of the club.

Step Two: Register your club membership and create an account.

Step 1:

Before registering your club membership account, you must first become a member.

  • Go through this link.
  • Select a membership plan on this page.
  • The available plans are Membership Plus and Club Membership.
  • Select Sam’s Club Membership Plan
  • By clicking on a specific plan, a page will appear where you can enter your data.
  • Like the name, email address, contact address, etc.
  • After deploying them, click Next.Sams-Club-Credit-Card-Registration

Complete the payment process and you will become a member of the club.

You are now a member of the club. So let’s go to the second step.

Step 2:

Follow these steps to register an account.

  • Access this registration link.
  • On the back of the page, you will see a subscription box.
  • open a new account
  • Enter the membership number you received when you became a member.
  • And also provide zip code.
  • Click Continue.
  • Your account will be created shortly.

Sam’s Club was the first mass retailer in the United States to implement chip-based technology when it introduced the 5-3-1 Cash Back Credit Card Program for Sam’s Business, Sam’s Savings and Sam’s Plus last July. The 5-3-1 value proposition, available in the US and Puerto Rico, makes the Sam’s Club co-branded MasterCard┬« card the most competitive credit rewards program in the club category.